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HHS Directory
HRSA Directory
DIHS Executive Council Info Page
Rapid Pulse Newsletter

DIHS Formulary - Internal (DIHS Facility) Use Only NEW!!!

Information Technology  
(DIHS Support Center, ph: 1-888-295-5999, email: DIHS Support Center - DIHS Users List)

New Account Request Form (DIHS Network Only)
(DACS) New Account Request - Form AForm B required. (FAX to 1-866-808-8281)
DIHS Information Technology User Guide
DHHS IT Training Web Site (Online)
    Online Training Courses on Common Applications (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.)
    (Click Here for Login Instructions to use the IT Training Site)
DIHS Outlook Web Access (OWA): (Username Format: dihs\[network id], Password: Same)
Intranet - Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Intranet (NEW!!)
Intranet - Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Intranet

Admin Sites
Integrated Time and Attendance (ITAS)
Division of Commissioned Personnel (DCP) Web Site

Resource Management
Travel and Training
DIHS IT Inventory Info
Division of Financial Operations
Outside Activity Reporting Forms

****FINANCE / IMPAC TRAINING (SAN DIEGO, CA  3-4 February 2004)*****
Resource Management Overview Brief
Federal Budgeting
Performance Based Management
Budget Briefing
Financial Reports

Managed Care

Hospitalization Report  (limited access)
Pre-Authorization Web Site
Performance Improvement Program   - Manual and Forms
IHIS Change Order Request (COR): Instruction sheet 

Important DIHS Information (NEW!!!)
Speaking Engagement and Awards Information  - Moved to DIHS Training Page
Ethics Added to DIHS Training Site - Moved to DIHS Training Page


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