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Operation Key West

Migrant Interdiction Project
April 2000 - August 2000

During 1999 the Coast Guard began experiencing a significant increase in claims of medical emergencies from persons they had interdicted at sea for the ICE. These claims were often beyond the expertise of the medic on board and would have to be medically evacuated to the mainland. Most of these people recovered immediately upon arrival on the mainland. The Coast Guard notified ICE and requested assistance in deterring this costly practice of false health emergencies. At the request of ICE, PHS/DIHS quickly arranged to assist the Coast Guard by providing medical practitioners to support the Coast Guard during their highest sea activity times. From April through August, 2000 PHS/DIHS provided doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to assist, diagnose and treat the medical claims on board the Coast Guard cutters. The assistance of PHS/DIHS has decreased the costly practice of unnecessary medical evacuations and has enabled ICE to repatriate interdicted individuals in a more timely manner.

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