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Take a look at a different working experience:

Join us in our unique medical experience. The Division of Immigration Health Services invites you to be part of our team. We are looking for dedicated professionals with a commitment to serve the underserved. We deliver ambulatory health care services to illegal aliens detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at eleven Service Processing Centers throughout the US. In Puerto Rico the clinic is located in the ICE Detention Center at Ramey, Aguadilla. This medical facility opened July 11, 1991. Presently it is accredited by the NCCHC and the JCAHO. The staff is composed of two USPHS Commissioned Officers, one registered nurse and one physician. Both officers belong to the Divisionīs Rapid Response Team. They have been deployed to the Pacific, Central America and the Continental U.S. in support missions. They have also participated as medical escorts in different parts of the world. Most of our patients come from the Dominican Republic and China. People from other countries are also housed at the SPC. The detention facility has a capacity of 65 detainees. The average length of stay is approximately 14 days. Community facilities are used to provide emergency and tertiary health services. The clinic is open during regular working hours. During FY-99 there were 1,831 camp admissions, 1866 releases and 4,053 clinic encounters.

and also you can enjoy your assignment...

While you are serving your country, during your free time you can enjoy a diversity of activities throughout the year. Few places offer the amazing variety of experiences Puerto Rico can provide! Our beaches are as beautiful and our climate as inviting as anywhere in the Caribbean. We also have a richness of history, nature, culture and cosmopolitan nightlife found nowhere else. Puerto Rico enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures average 82 degrees F. (28 degrees C) throughout the year, and the trade winds provide constant breezes. As a U.S. Commonwealth with U.S. citizenship, Puerto Rico presents no immigration problems for U.S. citizens who wish to visit or work. For scuba divers, we have something unique and very special - pristine reefs, spectacular walls, intriguing caverns, and mangrove-topped cays define the tropical waters that surround our island. For those who prefer land over sea, we have many other attractions. Wander through Old San Juan, one of the best-preserved historic districts in the New World; explore the Camuy Caves, the largest river cave system this side of Europe; be our guest at century-old coffee estates. Take your pick for places to visit, from the Arecibo Observatory, from rain forests to dry forests, pineapple fields to golf courses, folkloric festivals to classical, jazz and salsa concerts, kayaking to hiking, horse riding to bird-watching, mountain biking to whale watching, Puerto Rico has it all! We offer you the flavor of a different world, with the comfort of your own.


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