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Tour Our Facilities - Buffalo

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Upstate New York, what a wonderful place!

Check it out!

About our facility

Open since March 1998, the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility has a capacity of 450 beds, housing adult males only. The Buffalo site is unique for being the first and only cooperative effort between two federal agencies, U.S. Marshals and the Immigration and Naturalization Service, housing detainees under the jurisdiction of each agency in the same facility. Using a correctional model based on direct observation, the detainees are continuously supervised throughout their daily activities, providing an optimal level of safety and security for both staff and residents.

Meet Our staff

Operated by the Division of Immigration Health Services, the ambulatory clinic is staffed by a dedicated group of skilled professionals, comprised of Public Health Service Officers and contract support personnel. We provide comprehensive primary health care in a challenging correctional setting. Telemedicine services, in the fields psychiatry and emergency medicine, is one of the innovative tools used to access off site providers while maintaining facility security. Staff are encouraged to utilize individual skills, interests and expertise to personalize their contribution and enhance the quality of care we provide. Under the direction of Clinical Director, Brenda Bailey, MD, the Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacist, RNs, LPNs and support staff work cooperatively to meet the Division´s mission of preventing the spread of disease globally through the provision of primary health care.

Perfectly Located

The facility is located between Buffalo and Rochester, New York, in the town of Batavia (pop. 19,000). Established in 1802, Batavia lays claim to being the oldest town in the western part of the state. Surrounded by quaint villages that maintain the architectural and cultural values of that era, the countryside is dotted with beautifully maintained farms, with acres of fruit trees and vegetables. In spring and summer, the rolling hills are green and plush with a carpet of grass and flowers that grace the land with brilliant colors. Crisp autumn days and dazzling fall foliage lead into a winter of snow sports at your doorstep: skiing, snow machines, driveway shoveling and for the truly hearty soul, ice fishing. The enormous Lake Ontario is located 25 miles straight north of Batavia on scenic highway 98. New York City is six hours away by train and an hour by plane, with endless opportunities for shopping, site seeing, Broadway plays, and other enjoyable pastimes.

Places to go, People to see

The spectacular tourist attraction, Niagara Falls, is located 1 hour west of Batavia, and the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada is approximately 2.5 hours by car. Buffalo and Rochester have diverse local ethnic and cultural communities, rich in history, arts, fairs and events. Buffalo is also noted for unequaled support of its sports teams, the "Bills" and "Sabers", and as the originator and only true source of "Buffalo Wings". Camping, fishing, and swimming are popular pastime activities for locals and visitors to the many lakes and mountains, all within a short day´s drive. The nearby Erie Canal remains a tribute to the industry and ingenuity of early settlers, ancestors of the present day area residents.

To Learn More

About the Division of Immigration Health Services out of Buffalo, New York and the professional opportunities available to you, please contact us at the address below. The Buffalo Bills are awaiting your support.


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