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Organizational values are statements of what the organization holds dear. They constitute the core principles by which people in the organization treat one another and the people they serve, as well as guide how the organization makes decisions. In this way, it is an organization's values that shape how it is seen and, along with its actions, determine what it stands for in the world.

The People of the Division

In DIHS, the first and most important of our organizational values is the men and women who perform our vital public health mission. They include commissioned officers, civil servants, and contractors. Without them there would be no organization, no care for the people to whom we are dedicating our professional lives. That value is expressed by treating each person in the division with dignity and respect, constantly seeking opportunities for their continued growth and learning, and whenever possible, advancing them into positions of increased responsibility and fulfillment. 

The rest of our values are all considered equal and therefore are shown in alphabetical order. 


In DIHS, a commitment means we do what we say we will do.


We hold dear the act of including everyone in decisions that affect the entire organization, affording each employee the opportunity to express his or her voice on these important matters, and expecting that they will contribute their best thinking for the good of the whole.


Finding new and improved ways of doing work is vital to any organization that seeks to survive and thrive in the constantly changing world of today. We therefore place high value on creativity and the willingness to seek better solutions to the issues we deal with so that we continuously improve mission accomplishment within our available resources.


We promote the highest level of ethical and professional conduct and do what is right. In DIHS, honesty is non-negotiable.


We perform our duties to the highest standards and promote esprit de corps in all work settings. It is living these values and performing our mission in this way that has created our proud history and that will sustain us in the future.


We value and promote the development of the highest degree of professional skill, knowledge, scholarship, and conduct among all members of the division.


Service is at the core of why we exist as an organization. We promote global health by providing quality medical care to undocumented migrants.


Accomplishing our vital public health mission to the standards we demand requires that we all work together, that we collaborate across organizational lines and specialties, that we share information freely, and that we individually and collectively accept responsibility for the whole of what we do.


Finally, we value the trust that comes to relationships that are founded on the principles expressed above. It is our belief that we share a common bond in our mission and vision and that all members of the DIHS team can be counted on to do their best all the time. It is the source of our greatest power, both as persons and as an organization.

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